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We simply never cut corners. All of our roofing and siding services come with the option of a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. Beyond being your home, where you live is an investment. Regular maintenance and repair on roofing, siding, gutters, windows, and doors are critical to protect your investment, keep your value up, and your repair costs down.

Troy B.

Troy's Roof Replacement


Richard with Creative Home Solutions was a pleasure to work with. He is very knowledgeable. I am very impressed with the shingles used in our roof replacement. I couldn’t be more pleased with the crew. They worked all day and seemed to enjoy what they do. Brady was the on-site supervisor and kept things moving. We highly recommend.

Susan C.

Susan's Roof & Gutter Replacement


CHS replaced my roof and gutters. They did a wonderful job, very professional and timely. Curt worked with my insurance company, making my entire claim process much easier. I would highly recommend them!

Kristen C.

Kristen's Roof Replacement


We absolutely loved working with Brady from Creative Home Solutions. When they came to work on the roof, everyone was very nice and formal. They did amazing work. We’ve owned our home for 2 years and just kept pushing the roof off. Once I saw all of the options for our roof, I knew we were ready to go with this company. There is no way I’ll ever go with another company for exterior needs.

Keith P.

Keith's Roof Replacement


CHS did an outstanding job replacing our roof. Brady was great to work with. The crew arrived at our house on time and worked non-stop to complete the job. They cleaned everything up once finished. Brady explained everything to us and was very professional and punctual. I will be recommending CHS to anyone who needs a new roof. Outstanding job!

Jonathan G.

Jonathan's Roof Replacement


Cannot brag enough about this company. Tremendous craftsmanship for the most affordable rate I received from 4 different companies. Bigger (company) doesn’t always mean better. Will always give CHS my future business.

Jason D.

Jason's Roof Replacement


Before you get a roof done by anyone else, call Creative Home Solutions. They are very reasonably priced, very knowledgeable, and work quickly. Our roof used to leak due to issues with incorrectly installed flashing, missing flashing, and poor gutter design. CHS redesigned the layout and replaced a very large and complicated roof in less than 2 days. It doesn’t leak whatsoever anymore. Great service and they know what they’re doing. I highly recommend!

Mid-Atlantic MARS

Commercial Roof Installation


Great experience with Curt and crew! The crew worked like a fine oiled machine and completed our roof in 1 day and cleaned up my landscape perfectly! I would recommend this company to anyone needing a new roof!

Kathryn F.

Kathryn's Roof Repair


We had an extremely good experience working with Brady to get our roof repaired. From getting an estimate to how quick they were able to book us, the whole process was made so much less stressful by how easy it was to communicate quickly throughout the entire process. Would definitely recommend!